Pocket Knife: Everything you need to know about the small wizard

A pocket knife is a small knife that can be a very handy tool for almost all people. The pocket can be useful for several vital situations. This type of knife has been used for many years. Over the years, the pocket knife has evolved a lot and the modern technologies have added more functionality to this knife as well. As a result, the pocket knife has expanded into an important tool. In addition, gone are the days when pocket knives used to be a simplified version of a knife. Nowadays, they have become more complex gadgets with a greater level of accuracy. So, let’s not waste time and read more to know about this small wizard. Sometimes you can use a kitchen knife as a pocket knife if it is small enough.

What can a Pocket Knife do for you?

As stated earlier that pocket knife can be a handy tool, it can do used for several purposes. A small pocket knife will do the following things for you –


  • A small pocket knife can help people who have been in an accident while cutting off the seat belt.
  • It can cut wire, cord, and rope to free anyone.
  • You can utilize a pocket knife while fishing.
  • A pocket knife will be handy in preparing food.
  • The farmers can be benefitted with the functionality of pocket knife.
  • The envelopes and boxes can be cut by a pocket knife easily.
  • You can sharpen almost anything with a pocket knife.


What are the drawbacks of a pocket knife?

Usually, the pocket knives are not suitable for survival purposes. They are more suited to day-to-day tasks like – using them on a travel trip or at work. In addition, the pocket knives will not be able to help you difficult tasks because they less strong than other types of knives. When you are buying a knife, don’t think about it looks or colors. Almost all the pocket knives are beautiful, but they can’t be used in every situation. So, always consider buying knives based on your purposes.

What to consider before buying a pocket knife?

The pocket knives have different shapes and types. When you are buying a pocket knife, always neglect the appearance. Remember that your purpose must be the single biggest factor in choosing a pocket knife. Before you buy a pocket knife, consider the following facts –


  • A suitable pocket knife must be of high-quality.
  • It must be made of reliable materials.
  • You can also check for the best brands of knives.
  • A quality pocket knife should have a length of three to four inches.
  • It should have less add-on as it can make the knife heavy and difficult to carry or use.
  • You have to look for knives that have a fewer moving parts. It will allow it to be more durable.
  • A perfect pocket knife will have a locking blade, a glass reinforced nylon handle, a coated blade, and an anti-slip system.


Bottom Line – Should you get a pocket knife?

While considering the above issues, the brand of a pocket knife can play a major role in determining the best type of pocket knife. The reason is that they are equipped with great features and they are also made of good materials. With that said, you have already known what pocket knives can bring to you. So, don’t hesitate to you buy a piece of knife if you are at home or in a travel trip. A small yet a perfect pocket knife can help you immensely with its usefulness and functionality!

8 Simple Steps to Turning Your Body to a Fat Burning Furnace

When you are looking to crush every workout and want to get lean, there are a couple of things that you should be cognizant of. The body has fat cells that store fat and these fat stores are more pronounced in the belly. To burn fat and completely take these fat stores out commission completely, you will have to exercise strategically. Exercising your kegels is another great exercise to improve your sex life.

Stomach fat -if not addressed appropriately- will lead to a lot of health complications. Also getting rid of it is not as easy as doing a crunch or two hence the need for a strategic approach.

Below are some of the tactics that are suited to strategically attacking the fat cells problem.

  1. Exercise And Clean Dieting

When you are shoving that pizza down your gullet or drinking that soda, you are often oblivious to the fact that somewhere along the line it will end up in your gut. The end result of accumulation of years of dirty eating will have disastrous results.

So what do you do?

Eat right and exercise of course! Duh! Sounds clichéd? Start with easy to do exercises, and increase the intensity as you go along. Ensure proper form to avoid injuries.

Ensure that you get rid of processes sugars and all manner of junk food and substitute it with veggies, whole grains, fruits and low fat foods. Only by doing this will you address the love handles, but also the fat build up in the tissues and organs.

2. Getting down to the right weight

This means that you have to get to right Body Mass Index (BMI). Burning belly fat is an arduous affair but it has to be done. By losing it, you get your weight to the right level and thereby reducing the chances of you getting heart disease and cancer as well.

So what is the right BMI? For an adult, it is 19 to 25. So you should exercise.

3. Let go of all the stresses in your

When you are basket case of worry, you build cortisol, a stress hormone, in your blood. What this hormone does is to react with insulin thereby creating hidden body fat and also break down muscle as well. If you get stressed, chances are that you will overeat and gravitate more towards comfort foods like processed sugar and other junk foods.

Try doing some yoga exercises and asanas which will turn down the noise levels in your head and give your body a nice workout as well; a great counterbalance to stress.

You can also read a book or listen to your mp3 player. In essence, the goal is to turn down the volume and know how to deal with the stress areas of your life.

4. Quit alcohol and cigarettes

There is a strong correlation between smoking and drinking with cortisol levels; they lead to higher cortisol levels.

By eliminating those habits, you are assured of lower stress levels. And when stress levels decrease, you are will not accumulate that fat.

5. Get a trainer

When you tread the road of weight loss and fat burning on your own, to some degree you will lose motivation. By hiring a personal trainer, you not only get their expertise but you also get someone to motivate you when you feel like you can’t go on.

6. Sushi? Yes please

Japanese food is not only tasty but it can aid in fat loss as well.

Studies have shown that consumption of brown seaweed has led to shrinkage of belly fat in lab mice and overall weight loss as well.

Human trials are next.

7. Trans-fats? No please!!

Trans-fats are found in fast food and should be avoided because they lead to high cholesterol levels and visceral abdominal fat.

8. There are no magic fixes to getting rid of belly fat

Those machines that are constantly being advertised that they lead to fat loss, don’t buy them. Instead go for those gut wrenching, tough and classic exercises and save your money.

What to look out for when choosing a Camping Air Mattress

If you are a lover of nature you could properly be a lover of camping tours as well. Going outdoors is one of the best ways to unwind.  You may create some time over the weekend or during the holidays to go outdoors and spend a night or two in the wilderness. Camping is such an enjoyable activity to break from the norm.

If you have gone for camping excursions before, then you must be very well aware of the most important camping gear you need and that is the sound asleep air bed air mattress. This item should be on top of the list as it has the power to make or break your camping tour. If you are a newcomer to camping trips, it is important to gather as much information about the air mattress as possible before you buy one. Below is a brief overview on what you need to consider;

  • One of the most important things is the size of the air mattress.  How big is it? Will it provide ample sleeping space? Are you looking for king size or twin mattresses? How many people will sleep on it e.t.c. If you are going for the camping trip as a family, then it is ideal to go for the king sized air mattress. A queen sized mattress is enough for a couple.
  • Consider the nature of your camping trip. Are you going to engage in long hikes? If yes then remember that you will be carrying it along and the bigger it is the bulkier it will be.
  • Another important item to be keen about is the air pumps. With no pump, an air mattress is of no use. There are a number of options to choose from, some mattresses come fitted with an in-built air pump while others come with a separate air pump. There are others that have a single hand pump. All these types carry their own advantages and disadvantages, however a large number of campers do not prefer the manual hand pumps.
  • Some manufactures have gone the extra mile to cater for the traveler who is not interested in setting up a tent. There are some air mattresses that are particularly designed for the bed of pick-up trucks, or to fit in the back of a van or a minivan.
  • If you are not keen on sleeping on the floor, you can go for an inflatable mattress bed frame. You can purchase it separately if you already have the mattress or go for the complete unit depending on your needs. These stands fold up easily making them very portable.

Remember if your electric pump is battery-powered then you may need to bring along as many batteries as possible.


In summary, an electric air pump and the size of the air mattress are the most important items to consider. In addition to the above, it is important to consider the size of your tent. Be sure your tent can accommodate the air mattress. Once again, your budget, your comfort limit together with your camping needs are the factors you need to take into consideration before choosing your camping air mattress.

The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Remodeling

When a bathroom has been modeled properly, it can offer years of pleasurable use to you. On the other hand, if the modeling has not been done effectively, a range of problems and issues may be faced.

Here is a list of some of the dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling, that can help you effectively design your space so that it provides you years of comfort and first decide whether you’re going to use a bathtub or a shower or maybe both. I recommend you checking out the best shower head review first.

Some great ideas for bathroom remodeling

One of the most useful things that you can do is to allocate some amount of budget for unexpected problems. A bathroom may face numerous issues including water leakage or molds and it is advised that budget is allocated for this.

It is also a great idea to choose appropriate and durable surfaces for the bathroom. These can be elegant as well. Porcelain and mosaic are the top choices for many and even sinks and toilets are made out of these. Also, ensure to keep the toilet away from the sink and not in plain sight.

Ensure that you consider water efficiency. Fortunately, most of the faucets and fixtures available in the market are designed to be as water efficient as possible. However, your drainage system needs to be proper and the area around the shower should be spacious to allow easy drainage options.  Also make sure that your bathroom receives enough light and ventilation.

One of the best places for you to splurge is on the showerhead, other than the sink or the toilet. Elegant showerheads can rival the best of bathtubs and can also eliminate a large ad often unnecessary expense.

You are recommended to ensure that the vanity area is well thought out. There need to be adequate number of surfaces and sufficient amount of space to be able to house all of your grooming items.

Some things to avoid when renovating your bathroom

The most important thing to avoid in renovating your bathroom is rushing yourself. While it may prove to be tempting to start off immediately with all of the excitement, you should take some time in planning things out.

As such, you are also advised not to cheap out on labor costs. Skillful labor will definitely ensure that the job is well done and there will be fewer issues with work, despite the little added cost.

You are also advised to keep the future in mind when remodeling. In case you plan on using the bathroom area solely for yourself even in the future, you should design it that way. Else, you can opt for a more general design which can suit other people’s needs as well.

Do not forget about storage. The bathroom needs to store a number of items in easily accessible areas and storage requirements will need to be carefully considered. It is also advised that you consider all of the key items that need to be present in a bathroom. Many people try cutting out on costs by excluding items, but end up with an absence of some key aspects of a bathroom. This should always be avoided.

Third Part Verification Auditors

Third–party prequalification is a rapidly-growing business model providing companies with a convenient way to ensure contractors meet safety, fiscal, and other requirements before being hired to work on a jobsite.

How the Process Works

Companies, often called Owner Clients or Owner Operators, and contractors both pay to secure an account with a third-party auditor, such as ISNetworld®*, PICS®, PEC® Premier, Comply Works, and Canqual.

After establishing an account, the Owner Client uploads requirements specific to their companies, projects, and jobsites; and prospective contractors post detailed qualifications of their company and employees. If a contractor wants to work for an Owner Client, they must ensure they meet all of the needs of the Owner Client.

Throughout the process, the third-party auditor inspects and validates the documentation uploaded. Common types of documentation and requirements include safety programs, training programs, insurance information, workers’ compensation information, incident statistics, financial stability, and past performance

As an Owner Client’s needs change, the contractor must go into their account and update the documentation to meet these new requirements, or risk falling out of compliance.

Usage of Third-Party Auditors

The oil and gas industry is exceptionally receptive of this pre-qualification model. One of the main reasons for the acceptance is a desire to cut down on the staggering fatality rates.

The average fatality rate for all industries-U.S. workers is 3.8 deaths per 100,000 employees. Compare that with a 27.1 per 100,000 for offshore workers, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and you can see wherein the need lies

In addition to limiting fatalities and injuries, third-party auditor services help Owner Clients limit liability. The popularity and effectiveness of these services is evident by the rapid growth the past several years by companies such as ISNetworld®*, PICS®, PEC® Premier, Comply Works, and Canqual, and others.

In a September 2013 press release, ISN®* touted how in a short 12 years of existence, the company has grown to service 320 Owner Clients and 50,000 contractor customers across more than 75 countries.

However, it is not only the oil and gas industry in which third-party auditor services is booming.

Textura Corporation, a provider of similar services to the construction industry, recently surpassed $15B in client construction value across the US and Canada. “We are constantly looking for ways to streamline the qualification process from both the subcontractor and general contractor viewpoints,” said Jonathan Halloran, EVP, Client Services, Textura Corporation In a press release issued by the company.

ISN®*’s press release also pointed out that the company’s business is expanding into markets outside of the oil and gas sector.

“ISN’s continued growth is due to the solid relationships ISNetworld helps to foster between our contractor customers and their clients,” says Joseph Eastin, President of ISN. “Our team is dedicated to the success of our members in all industries and regions around the world.”

As the use of these third party verification companies expand, Safety Services Company has witnessed an increase in demand from contractors needing help to maintain their account.

“Often time, the steps required to meet the requirements of owner clients can be daunting tasks,” said Safety Services Company Global Compliance Solutions General Manager Daniel Silverfield. “Because of our expertise in helping thousands of clients with the landscape and requirements of these auditors, we are able to help contractors establish accounts and secure Owner Client approval.”

Improve Your Third Party Verification Success Rate

The key to providing effective third party verification services is finding the sweet spot between qualitative and quantitative performance: delivering a warm, personal interaction while keeping the numbers in line.

One of the key statistics that clients continually monitor is TPV percentage. It’s the Big Daddy of third party verification. Simply put: Of all the calls that get warm transferred from the client to the verifiers, how many get through as “good sales?”

While that metric has a direct impact on the profitability of any campaign, the success rate doesn’t rest with The Sales Verification Company representatives alone.

In fact, TPV percentage can be dramatically increased if the sales agent properly prepares the customer for the verification call.

Here are our tips for sales organizations to improve their stats:

  1. The Customer Warm-Down.After you get a “yes,” but before you transfer to third party verification, briefly recap all program related information with the customer so the process runs more smoothly during the TPV call.
  2. Be Thorough.Answer all of the customer’s questions by the time the TPV call is placed.
  3. No Coaching.Don’t instruct the customer on what to say or how to answer. Instead, educate your customer on the terms that will be used during the TPV call. Make sure they understand the concepts.
  4. Time Check.Set the customer’s expectations for the length of the TPV call (i.e. “a few minutes of your time.”) But the script is a standard length, so don’t underestimate the time required – it will only lead to frustration. TPV is an important step for everybody, so make sure the customer feels good about the process.
  5. Be Reassuring.You have undoubtedly built some rapport with the customer during the sales process. Let the customer know that they’re not abandoned to TPV; that you’ll be back on the line after the verification to answer any further questions (only if this is your standard procedure, of course).
  6. No Talking.Do not interrupt the TPV script in process. This generally results in a failed verification. And watch any overspill of noise from your call center. Better to just put yourself on mute during the entire process.

Sales organizations spend a lot of time training their people on sales techniques and product specifics. Paying equal attention to TPV preparation is an investment that will pay off in efficiency and customer satisfaction

Nothing is more important to your clients than the integrity of the sales process. Understand that with every outbound sales call or in-person customer interaction, your reputation and industry standing is at stake.

Your role should be to protect that transaction, eliminate any misunderstanding and ensure a positive experience on both sides of the agreement.

Having a dedicated staff for TPV professionals creates custom campaigns to address your clients’ every need, and approach each customer interaction with patience, clarity and efficiency.

Regardless of your clients’ product or service, from retail energy and telephone services to insurance policies and credit cards, your TPV solutions can should ensure a quality sales and a positive customer experience.