10 Gardening Tools You Must Have

The right tools could make the difference between an excellent gardening work or producing something akin to a mishmash of confusion and incomplete thoughts. The world is full of a wide array of gardening tools and the craft sections of every department store you can think of, which could leave you confused.

It is easier to feel confused by the lack of knowledge regarding the most important gardening tools that you must buy for a great job of keeping the garden looking beautiful. Most people address this problem by buying only what they need, when they need it.

This can be tricky if what you need is not in the market when you need it. Taking such an approach could prove detrimental to your gardening work by disrupting it. With this in mind, make a list of the most essential gardening tools that you need.

Be ready with these tools when the need arises for them. Your list of the most essential gardening tools should include the following:

  1. Water Wands and Hoses

The garden hose and wand helps you produce a lush and green lawn. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, buy the basic models. Invest in watering wands with shut-off valves for turning the water off from afar.

  1. Saws

Invest in different types of saws. Choose saws that come with slightly curved blades, which are ideal for pruning woody plants. Invest in the versatile bow saws too. The compact and lightweight nature of folding saws makes them ideal for gardening.

  1. Kneeling Pads

Gardening could have detrimental effect on your knees. Invest in kneeling pads for added protection. Look for lightweight kneeling pads made from durable materials. The pads come in wide-ranging colors, shapes, designs, themes and sizes.

  1. Scissors

Scissors are different from pruning shears. Buy heavy-duty scissors that not only have tough plastic handles, but also come with strong blades. You will need the scissors for cutting the bags of potting soil open and when harvesting small veggies as well as in snipping small plants.

  1. Pruning Shears

Pruning shears do the tasks that scissors are incapable of doing. Invest in durable and strong shears. Look for shears with unusually sharp blades. Lightweight and compact pruning shears would be excellent gardening tools to have and use them for pruning woody plants.

  1. Rakes

A serious gardener should have more than one type of gardening rake. With a wide selection of rakes from which to choose, no gardening task would be too hard for you. The rakes help get rid of tough roots from the garden. Rakes are also great for smoothing and grading soil.

  1. Garden Hoes

Gardening hoes come in many different types. One hoe can perform several tasks. If you have a loop hoe, use it to perform wide-ranging tasks in the garden. Use the loop hoe in cultivating top layer of the soil. Use the hoe in scraping away roots and all manner of debris from the garden.

  1. Shovels

As useful as spades are, you still require a good selection of shovels for your gardening endeavors. Use the shovels for chopping through and loosening soil. Identify shovels with slightly curved blades for your gardening needs.

  1. Soil Knives

Soil knives are among the handiest gardening tools that you must have, especially when working on existing plants that the bulky hoes and shovels can destroy. With handles that are easy to grip, soil knives offer you better accuracy in your gardening duties.

  1. Weeders

These are the best gardening tools for getting rid of weeds that grow with taproots, which are the most stubborn and difficult to remove. These tools ensure that once uprooted, the weeds will not sprout again and cause you nightmares.

If you heed to this guideline and invest in the craft tool set and aforementioned tools, your gardening duties will be more enjoyable. A visit to the local retail stores would offer you a wide selection of various types of gardening tools that you should buy early enough instead of waiting until a need arises.

A Different Kind of Boothill

Boothill is the name for any number of cemeteries, particularly in the Wild West.  This is because these cemeteries were the final resting place for many men who “died with their boots on” in gun fights.  They were also the home to outlaws who were executed by hangings.  History holds that the first graveyard that was named Boothill was in Hays, Kansas, but others can be found in Dodge City, Kansas, Tombstone, Arizona and Deadwood, South Dakota.

In the very popular radio and later television series, Gunsmoke, Dodge City’s Boothill black cemetery was mentioned often, especially by Marshal Matt Dillon, in conversation with criminals .  In fact, during the very first season of the television series, the introduction included showing Matt Dillon walking around Boothill, presumably thinking about all those who were buried there and the circumstances behind their deaths.

Perhaps the most famous of Boothills is the one located in Tombstone, Arizona.  It is a dismal looking place with no lawn and rocks covering the graves.  The cemetery holds the graves of three men, Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury and Tom McLaury, who were killed at the famous shootout at the O.K. Corral.  Over 300 people are thought to be buried there, though almost one hundred are unknown.

A booklet, entitled “Boothill Graveyard:  A Descriptive List of more than 250 Graves in Boothill” contains a listing of all the grave plots, the names of the inhabitants (when available), inscriptions and any other information known.  A number of causes of death are mentioned in the booklet, including:  stabbings, hangings, suicide, drowning, lynching, suspected poisoning, killed in a stampede, beaten in the face with a stone, killed by Indians, stoned to death by Apaches and shot by the Sheriff and leprosy.

Some of the more interesting stories and inscriptions are well worth sharing. One grave contains an unknown man who was found in an abandoned mine in 1882.  He was found at the bottom of a 60-foot shaft of the Minute Mine.  He was described as “well-dressed”, so was thought not to be a miner.

A man named George Johnson, is said to have bought a stolen horse without knowing it and was wrongly hanged for the crime. The inscription on his tombstone reads, “Here lies George Johnson, Hanged by mistake, 1882.  He was right, we was wrong, but we strung him up and now he’s gone.”

In 1881, a James Hickey was shot in the left temple by a William Clayborne.  Apparently, this murder occurred over Hickey’s over- insistence that Clayborne and he drink together.

Another interesting inscription can be found on the tombstone of Lester Moore, a Wells Fargo agent who had a dispute with a man over a package, which ended in the death of them both.  It states, “Here lies Lester Moore.  Four slugs from a .44.  No Les, no more.”

Not all the graves in Boothill belong to outlaws or to those who suffered violent deaths.  Some best black hiking boots belong to children who died very young from various diseases and others belong to everyday citizens like ranchers, miners and business proprietors.  One special grave belongs to Emmett Nunnelley who spent much time trying to restore the cemetery.  He requested to be buried there upon his death and was, in 1946.

Boothill is said to have more inhabitants than those in the grave.  Tourists often report seeing strange lights or hearing weird noises in or near the graveyard.  Some say they have seen ghostly apparitions, but more frequently, spirits and strange phenomena mysteriously appear in photographs.

The cemetery is officially no longer in use but can be visited for free by tourists.

Pocket Knife: Everything you need to know about the small wizard

A pocket knife is a small knife that can be a very handy tool for almost all people. The pocket can be useful for several vital situations. This type of knife has been used for many years. Over the years, the pocket knife has evolved a lot and the modern technologies have added more functionality to this knife as well. As a result, the pocket knife has expanded into an important tool. In addition, gone are the days when pocket knives used to be a simplified version of a knife. Nowadays, they have become more complex gadgets with a greater level of accuracy. So, let’s not waste time and read more to know about this small wizard. Sometimes you can use a kitchen knife as a pocket knife if it is small enough.

What can a Pocket Knife do for you?

As stated earlier that pocket knife can be a handy tool, it can do used for several purposes. A small pocket knife will do the following things for you –


  • A small pocket knife can help people who have been in an accident while cutting off the seat belt.
  • It can cut wire, cord, and rope to free anyone.
  • You can utilize a pocket knife while fishing.
  • A pocket knife will be handy in preparing food.
  • The farmers can be benefitted with the functionality of pocket knife.
  • The envelopes and boxes can be cut by a pocket knife easily.
  • You can sharpen almost anything with a pocket knife.


What are the drawbacks of a pocket knife?

Usually, the pocket knives are not suitable for survival purposes. They are more suited to day-to-day tasks like – using them on a travel trip or at work. In addition, the pocket knives will not be able to help you difficult tasks because they less strong than other types of knives. When you are buying a knife, don’t think about it looks or colors. Almost all the pocket knives are beautiful, but they can’t be used in every situation. So, always consider buying knives based on your purposes.

What to consider before buying a pocket knife?

The pocket knives have different shapes and types. When you are buying a pocket knife, always neglect the appearance. Remember that your purpose must be the single biggest factor in choosing a pocket knife. Before you buy a pocket knife, consider the following facts –


  • A suitable pocket knife must be of high-quality.
  • It must be made of reliable materials.
  • You can also check for the best brands of knives.
  • A quality pocket knife should have a length of three to four inches.
  • It should have less add-on as it can make the knife heavy and difficult to carry or use.
  • You have to look for knives that have a fewer moving parts. It will allow it to be more durable.
  • A perfect pocket knife will have a locking blade, a glass reinforced nylon handle, a coated blade, and an anti-slip system.


Bottom Line – Should you get a pocket knife?

While considering the above issues, the brand of a pocket knife can play a major role in determining the best type of pocket knife. The reason is that they are equipped with great features and they are also made of good materials. With that said, you have already known what pocket knives can bring to you. So, don’t hesitate to you buy a piece of knife if you are at home or in a travel trip. A small yet a perfect pocket knife can help you immensely with its usefulness and functionality!

The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Remodeling

When a bathroom has been modeled properly, it can offer years of pleasurable use to you. On the other hand, if the modeling has not been done effectively, a range of problems and issues may be faced.

Here is a list of some of the dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling, that can help you effectively design your space so that it provides you years of comfort and first decide whether you’re going to use a bathtub or a shower or maybe both. I recommend you checking out the best shower head review first.

Some great ideas for bathroom remodeling

One of the most useful things that you can do is to allocate some amount of budget for unexpected problems. A bathroom may face numerous issues including water leakage or molds and it is advised that budget is allocated for this.

It is also a great idea to choose appropriate and durable surfaces for the bathroom. These can be elegant as well. Porcelain and mosaic are the top choices for many and even sinks and toilets are made out of these. Also, ensure to keep the toilet away from the sink and not in plain sight.

Ensure that you consider water efficiency. Fortunately, most of the faucets and fixtures available in the market are designed to be as water efficient as possible. However, your drainage system needs to be proper and the area around the shower should be spacious to allow easy drainage options.  Also make sure that your bathroom receives enough light and ventilation.

One of the best places for you to splurge is on the showerhead, other than the sink or the toilet. Elegant showerheads can rival the best of bathtubs and can also eliminate a large ad often unnecessary expense.

You are recommended to ensure that the vanity area is well thought out. There need to be adequate number of surfaces and sufficient amount of space to be able to house all of your grooming items.

Some things to avoid when renovating your bathroom

The most important thing to avoid in renovating your bathroom is rushing yourself. While it may prove to be tempting to start off immediately with all of the excitement, you should take some time in planning things out.

As such, you are also advised not to cheap out on labor costs. Skillful labor will definitely ensure that the job is well done and there will be fewer issues with work, despite the little added cost.

You are also advised to keep the future in mind when remodeling. In case you plan on using the bathroom area solely for yourself even in the future, you should design it that way. Else, you can opt for a more general design which can suit other people’s needs as well.

Do not forget about storage. The bathroom needs to store a number of items in easily accessible areas and storage requirements will need to be carefully considered. It is also advised that you consider all of the key items that need to be present in a bathroom. Many people try cutting out on costs by excluding items, but end up with an absence of some key aspects of a bathroom. This should always be avoided.